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"The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship."

Chapter History

Founded in 1925 at Syracuse University, Tau Chapter became the nineteenth chapter of Theta Tau, professional engineering fraternity. Since 1925, Tau Chapter has initiated almost 1,100 brothers into Theta Tau. In the 1960s, Tau Chapter moved into 1105 Harrison Street, our chapter house to this day. Since 2013, Tau Chapter has gone through a renaissance period. Before our renaissance, Tau Chapter struggled with low membership numbers. Now our chapter has strong and consistent membership numbers and brother involvement which has given Tau Chapter the opportunity to truly experience what it means to be a professional engineering fraternity. Brothers from our chapter excel after leaving Syracuse University. Our brothers have gone on to earn their masters, earn their doctorates, join the armed forces, become professors at well known universities (including Syracuse University), and working for leading and emerging for-profit and non-profit organizations and companies across the nation.

National History


In the United States, Theta Tau is the oldest and largest professional engineering fraternity. On October 15, 1904, the "Society of Hammer and Tongs" was founded by Erich J. Schrader, Elwin L. Vinal, William M. Lewis, and Isaac B. Hanks at University of Minnesota. The first national convention was held at the University of Minnesota, and, at the first national convention, the name was changed to Theta Tau. That convention also decided that Theta Tau would include all branches of engineering.


Theta Tau currently has 66 active chapters nationwide as well as numerous colonies working hard to become chapters. Chapters meet together in their respective regions for regional conferences and chapters meet together nationally every other year for the national convention. Theta Tau is proud to have a strong network of over 30,000 brothers today.

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Membership in our chapter of Theta Tau has grown significantly over the past few years. With this growth in membership, we are fortunate to have new experiences that emphasize the best each one of us has to offer.


Alexander Fox


Tyler Vartabedian

Vice Regent

Joseph DePalma


Devlin Witbeck

Corresponding Secretary

Ivan Valverede



Fall 2017 Recruitment Schedule

Information Session

Date - Monday, September 18th @ 7PM
Location - Bowne Hall 105

Learn about Theta Tau. Meet the brothers. Q&A forum. Pizza!

Game Night

Date - Tuesday, September 19th @ 8pm – 10pm
Location - Chapter House

Come play video games, cards, and other games with the brothers!

Interview Night

Date - Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 @ 7pm – 10pm
Location - Chapter House

This is the most important rush event. This is your chance to speak directly with the brothers to see if there is a good fit.

Cigar and Poker Night

Date - Thursday, September 21st @ 9pm
Location - Chapter House

Come enjoy cigars and poker during our last rush event. Smoking and betting are not required. If you have issues with smoke, there will be other areas to play games.

Frequenty Asked Questions

There are costs involved with joining the fraternity. There is a one-time initiation fee to join the fraternity. There is also a semesterly dues fee that the fraternity uses. This fee varies per semester, but it is historically lower compared to other fraternities on campus.

Hazing is the imposition of harmful tasks as part of an organization of initiation. This involves any action or situation that is physically or mentally harming to a pledge caused by a member. Theta Tau has a non-hazing policy in accordance to university and local laws.

Pledging is a process in which potential brothers learn about the fraternity and become more comfortable with the idea of being in a fraternity. This is a weeks long process which involves bonding between your pledge class as well as brothers in the house.

Recruitment, formerly known as “rush”, is a process where students interested in joining Theta Tau meet and engage with current brothers through a variety of events. This is meant for you to get to know the brothers as well as the brothers to get to know you.

If you have a major in the College of Engineering and Computer Science and have a GPA of 2.5 or above, you can pledge Theta Tau!

To join Theta Tau, you must attend recruitment. Recruitment is a week-long process in the Fall and Spring semester that introduces you to the brothers and what Theta Tau is all about!

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Alexander Fox

Corresponding Secretary

Devlin Witbeck